Vegetable Box Friday—Leek Pesto Tart

Five years ago, when I started to wean Zach to solid food, I had an urge. I would like to introduce him to local seasonal produce. It is kind of big ask in England. Apparently, more than half of the food in the UK is outsourced from overseas.

I was lucky enough to find a local farm that deliver weekly vegetable boxes. Friday is our delivery day.


To celebrate St. David’s day on the 1st of March. March already! We will be cooking leek pesto tart.

  1. Chop up some leeks and cook gently in a pan with water.dsc01341
  2. Add leeks and some kind of nuts in the food processor, season well. The conventional way is to use pine nuts. I have tried all kinds of nuts or nut butter. They all taste delicious. This time, I used peanut butter. It tasted a bit like Satay leek. Yum or yuck?dsc01343

3. The pesto is done.


4. Roll your buff pasty to a rectangle. ( I used shop bought pastry.)

5. Spread the pesto on to the pastry, add your designed topping. I used Halloumi cheese and onions.


6. Cook in the oven according to the instruction on your puff pastry. Mine was 220°C for 20-25 minutes.

7. This time, I added tomoatoes just before the tart was ready.



8. Bon appetit!


Yum! The dish has got Zach’s approval.

What type of nuts would you use in a pesto recipe?




I was amazed when I found out people read my first blog post and some of you even liked it. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.




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