cable tidy sew DIY-a few more

Beginner Sew Organisation-Cable Tidy

Following my “rectangle” sewing projects and my design to have a tidy house. I am going to sew some cable tidies.cable tidy pin

Our life is dominated by digital products. We all have mobile phones, numerous cameras, tablets and so on. My drawer is full of different charging cables. Looks like this……cable tidy sew DIY-pre stage

One day, I decided that I had enough of untangling the cables every time I try to charge my mobile phone.  I used some of my scraps and made those……

cable tidy sew DIY-post

They are super easy to make. Here is how……

  1. Cut two rectangles, the length of the rectangle should fit around your cables.cable tidy DIY-rectangles
  2. Sew the two rectangles with right sides together, but please leave an opening as indicated with pins on the picture below. cable tidy DIY-sew right sides
  3. Trim the sewed sides and corners to reduce the bulk. cable tidy sew DIY- trim
  4. Turn the rectangles inside out. cable tidy sew DIY-turn
  5. Close the opening.
  6. Add a form of fastening. I used KAM snap. Velcro should work too. Ta Da!

    I was very pleased and I made just a few more. dsc01507

P.S  I just have had a thought. These cable tidies could also be used to tidy your Christmas decorations and lights; or as a coffee mug warmer. Additionally, if you make the rectangle bigger enough, it could be used as a coaster or a baby blanket.

What would you use these rectangles for? I love to hear your comments. I will post my sew organisation actions with you every Wednesday. Until then, happy sewing and tidying!


5 thoughts on “Beginner Sew Organisation-Cable Tidy

  1. I like this! 🙂 I think cables entangle themselves on purpose when you’re not looking! Whenever you pick one up, it’s always entangled with others, but your tidies will soon sort them out! 😀


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