Pokemon cakes DIY

Birthday Pokemon Cakes

Zach has a joint birthday party with two other school friends this year. Zach’s little friend’s mum E has done almost everything in organising the party. I have had it easy this year. My only task was to make three birthday cakes, three Pokemon cakes.

I used all three foolproof cake recipes. They are quick to make, less likely to go wrong, and most importantly, delicious. I finished baking all three cakes in less than an hour and half. The decorating was the time consuming part.Pokemon cakes DIY

I used Mary Berry Victoria sponge cake as my main cake ( if you click the link, you will find the full recipe). As a rule of thumb of my baking, I always reduce the sugar by half because I don’t like anything too sweet. With all the fondant icing on the top and cream icing in the middle of the cake, there are more than enough of sweetness. This is the cake one. The names were imprinted from cookie cutters which we designed and printed with a 3D printer. Pokemon cake -name

Pokemon cake 1

The second cake recipe is James Martin’s Madeira cake ( the link of the full recipe is enclosed). I like how light the sponge turned out. The red fondant icing I used for the Victoria sponge was very difficult to work with. That has taught me a lesson that I should have not bought icing for Poundland. I had to make up my own Pokemon ball design with the colour I have. This is the second cake. DSC01712

The third cake was Zach’s favourite. Nothing can compete with chocolate cake. This recipe is coincidentally a dairy free version too. I used vegan chocolate fudge icing to make it extra moist.  Pokemon cake-monster pokemon

What is the most fun part in making cakes? For Zach, it is the part when he could lick the spoon.Pokemon cake-lick the spoon


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