Nespresso Compatible Capsules-Are You Really Compatible?

Today I am talking about coffee. Precisely, the coffee made by our Nespresso Inissia machine.

Nespresso compatible capsules.png


My husband, Ben, is a coffee enthusiast. We used to own De’Longhi traditional pump espresso machine. It worked well and produced professional looking coffee in about twenty minutes. If you ask Ben, he would tell you all about the pump pressure, the milk froth temperature and so on which are all so important. However, for me, I did not like the cleaning part. It took me about 10 minutes each time to clean and dry every component. Every now and then, we had to perform some maintenance as we live in a hard water area.

Two years ago, when the De’Longhi sadly “waved” goodbye at us. I must admit that I was a tiny bit relieved. No more cleaning chores!

Unexpectedly, Ben bought a Nespresso last Christmas. I was slightly hesitant initially because I didn’t know how expensive those capsules could cost and how the coffee would taste. Maybe, I was also not sure if he was charmed by George Clooney.

That is how I started my Nespresso compatible capsules discovery journey. In general, I quite like the taste of all the capsules we tried. Ben prefers the coffee with a strong note while I like more mellowed tones. The price of all different brands are similar. However, functionally, not all the capsules are equal. 

Some capsules work perfectly while the others could leave me a big mess to clean up. There is a drip tray inside the machine. When the capsules malfunction, the drip tray often overfills and leaves a puddle of dirty water near the coffee machine. (The main advantage of a Nespresso machine is its convenience. A cup of decent coffee in less than two minutes with minimum cleaning.)

My experience of Nespresso compatible capsules as follows:

  • M&S —5 out of 10.

I only bought one box .And half of them did not work well.

  • Waitrose  —5 out of 10.

I bought three boxes. Half of them did not work well.

I bought about 15 boxes because they were on sale. Half of them did not work. Sometimes, the machine could not properly pierce the capsules, shown as below.Nesspresso compatible capsule malfunction

The customer service is 10 out of 10. Out of annoyance, I wrote an e-mail to the company. They apologised for the inconvenience that caused and explained that the malfunctioned capsules were due to a new package design they used ( December, 2016). They also sent me 4 boxes of improved capsules to try in January,2017. However, they did not work well either. I was slightly disappointed because I really liked the flavour of the coffee and their customer service.

  • Lidl —8 out of 10.

We had 5 boxes. Some capsules produced weaker coffee flavour than the others from the same box. I wonder if some coffee leaked to the drip tray instead.

We bought less than 5 boxes. Occasionally, one or two capsules did not perform well.

  • Cafe Deli–10 out of 10.

We bought 5 bags. The capsules’ package was not as good as others. It does not keep the freshness of the coffee well. I recommend to store the opened bags in an airtight tin in a fridge.

We bought about 15 boxes.

We bought 20 or more boxes.

In summary, NOT all Nespresso compatible capsules are compatible.

Note: All above opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post. I just like to share what I have learnt so far. Additionally, this is not a scientific research as some sample sizes are quite small. I just merely speak out my own user experience. Other types of Nespresso machines may work differently with the same band of coffee capsules.

Have you had similar experience with certain capsules? Please leave comments below, I like to hear from you.








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