Triple chocolate cheese cake

Cooking with Kids-Triple Chocolate Irish Cream cheese cake

Joining St. Patrick’s day celebration, Zach is making us a triple chocolate Irish cream cheese cake. This is so far the most complicate cake which he embarked on.

We also made a short video of him mixing up all the ingredients ( If you prefer, do click the text “a short video” to watch it on YouTube). This cake only has 50 grams of added sugar, however, I don’t claim it is a health cake because of the amount of cream cheese added in.

  1. Making a base

Combine 60 grams of melted butter with 100 grams of chocolate biscuits crumbs. Press the mixture firmly in a 9 inch tin. Chill the base in a fridge.

    2.  Making cheese cake mixture

a.) Add 50 grams of sugar to 520 grams of cream cheese. Mix Well.

b.) Pour in 30 mls Irish cream (optional). Mix well.

c.) Add one egg to the mixture and whisk the mixture.

d.) Pour 100 mls double cream in the mixture.

e.) Add one table spoon of cacao powder and 150 grams of chopped dark chocolate ( at least 70% coco content). Mix well.

f.) Tip the cheese cake mixture in your cake tin.

      3. Bake the cheese cake

Place the cake in a preheated oven (150°C) for about 30 minutes until the cake is set around the edge but still a bit soft in the middle. Turn off the oven but leave the cake to cool in the warm oven. Serve a slice when the cake is well chilled.

It is a super rich cake but not overly sweet. Zach had a football game the next day, so he could enjoy some indulgence. What is your favouriate cheesecake? Please leave comments below.

triple chocolate Irish cream cheese cake




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