reversible bag beginner sew

Beginner Sew Organisation-Reversible Grocery Bags

Since October, 2015, England introduced a 5 pence charge for plastic bags. It seems essential to have many reusable grocery bags with you at any time. It is actually a simple sewing project to make your own grocery bags. Again, we will be using rectangles.

This time, we use 5 rectangles, 4 as the body of the bag and an elongated rectangle as a handle.

Both fabric are from late Grandma’s stash. The black floral fabric is also coated with Teflon, a must for rainy England. I sewed this bag right on time for Zach’s Nana as a Mother’s day gift and Zach decorated the bag with his drawings.

beginner sew organisation-reversible grocery bag-4 rectangle
The body of the bag
reversible grocery bag-beginner sew organisation
The stripe of the bag
  1. Place two piece of fabric right sides together to create a bag like we did in the drawstring bag tutorial.
  2. Repeat the step one. You now have a two bags.
  3. Fold the long rectangle in halves right sides together and sew the three sides close. Please make sure to keep an opening so you could turn the stripe out as we did in the cable tidy tutorial.
  4. Turn one of bags inside out.
  5. Place one bag inside of the other one. Their right sides should face each other. Place your stripe in between the two bags.

    beginner sew organisation-grocery bag illustration

  6. Turn both bags out. beginner sew organisation-step 6
  7. Place on bag inside the other. Now you have a reversible bag.Which side of the bag is your favourite?reversible bag beginer sew

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