Beginner Sew Organisation-Bolster Cover

Continuing my ” rectangle”beginner sewing projects, we will be making an essentially huge drawstring bag but with a twist which is a bolster (neck pillow) cover. beginner sewing project-bolster cover

  1. Cut a piece of rectangle fabric big enough to go around your chosen bolster. I am making one to store my winter duvet in. Stitch to close the long side of the bolster.

I used KAM snaps instead of stitching because I plan to use the cover to store my summer duvet too. The summer duvet is considerably thinner, hence smaller. By making two sets of KAM snaps paralleled to each other, I could adjust the width of the cove and use it all year round.

bolster cover

2. Make casings like we do in the drawstring bag project on both ends. Thread strings in with a pin.

beginner sew organisation-bolster cover string

3. Within half an hour, we could make a cover for a bolster or something neat for your unused duvet. beginner sew organisation-bolster cover

I really like this bright yellow fun fabric. Every time I open my wardrobe; it screams sunshine at me which instantly brightens my day. Would you give this simple project a go? I would like to  hear from you.


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