Char Siu Pork easy step by step recipe

Chinese food made easy-Char Siu Pork

Whilst writing this post, I have a terrible high temperature. I feel like I am not myself. I have not been so ill for a few years.

However, I am still excited to share with you this simple quick and conventional Char Siu Pork recipe.

Char Siu pork originated from Cantonese cuisine. It has a salty and sweet taste. When I grew up, we only buy them from convenience food stores. I never thought I would be able to make it one day. Even better, my six-year old Zach has made this recipe.Char Siu Pork easy step by step recipe

To make Char Siu Pork, we need to make marinate first

  • 3 tables spoons light soy sauce
  • 3 table spoons Chinese rice wine or you could substitute it with Sherry wine
  • one table spoon dark soy sauce
  • 3 table spoon sweetener, I used Pomegranate molasses this time which I just discovered in our local supermarket. You could use honey, or even sugar instead.
  • One table spoon sea salt or half tea spoon kitchen salt

Mix all the ingredients, and then marinate 600 grams pork belly overnight in the fridge.

Note, it is important to use meat with a slightly high fat content to make sure the end product is nice and tender after baking in the oven.

The next day, simply place pork belly in a preheated oven at 200°C for 20 minutes.

Note, to make clear up easier after baking, I recommend to place a piece of kitchen foil underneath the grill to catch all the marinate during baking.

While the meat is resting, brush it with honey for extra sweetness and stickiness.

Here we are, Char Siu Pork is ready in 30 minutes. The following video recorded how Zach made Char Siu Pork. Hope you like it and please let us know if there are any Chinese food recipes you would like Zach to make.

See you next Monday for our weekly recipe update!


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