zipper bag- I made three

Beginner Sew Organisation-Lined Zipper Bags

This week’s sew organisation is a zipper bag, as one my ” rectangle” sewing projects. Zipper bags are incredibly useful and unbelievably easy to sew.

I made six zipper bags to organise my miscellaneous draw with chalk board labels. There is a big gap on the back of my drawer. I have lost count how many times things which stuffed in the drawer have disappeared in the gap. With Zipper bags, problems solved.

Zach is having a joint birthday party with two other boys. They all are addicted to Pokemon at moment. I made three Pokemon zipper bags for them to store their Pokemons.

Zipper bags are basically made from two rectangles. If you line your zipper bag, you will need four rectangles.

1. The width of the bag should be no longer then the length of your zipper, shown between two pins.

Zipper bag-step 1

2. Cut two rectangles as outside of the bag and two rectangles as lining of the bag. I wrote Zach’s little friend’s name in Pokemon font on the lining. DSC01638

3. Sandwich your zip between one piece of your lining and one piece of your out fabric. The two pieces of the fabrics’ right sides face each other, the same as my drawstring bag project. Make sure the patterns all face the same direction. DSC01641DSC01642

4. Sew along the zip. The picture below is a sewed fabric, zip sandwich piece. DSC01645

5. Repeat the step 3, sandwich the zip between a lining piece and a main fabric piece. The right sides of the lining and the main fabric face each other. DSC01646

6. Sew along the zip. Reorganise your fabric pieces. The two main fabric rectangles’ right sides face each other and the lining fabric pieces’ right sides face each other. DSC01648

7. Sew along all three sides, as per instruction in the drawstring bag project. BUT, please OPEN the zip, as well as, LEAVE a gap unsewn in the lining. You will need to be able to turn all the pieces inside out from that opening through the opened zip, see cable tidy project for a simple explanation.

8. Optional, If you want to add a stripe to your bag, you could sandwich a piece of string or ribbon between two main fabric pieces. Sew all the layers together.


Finished product.



I made three.


Would you make a zipper bag or a dozen?


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