Beginner sew organisation-rectangle projects review

Here we are, at the end of beginner sew organisation-rectangle projects. It has been so much fun to produce them and hope you have found them interesting.Beginner sewing organisation using rectangle

We started on a simple project learning to sew a simple drawstring bag. This project taught us how to sew a basic bag with a casing. It is such a useful technique and could also be used in making garments, such as those elasticated waist bands on comfortable pyjama trousers.

Our second project is to sew cable tidies. This project used two rectangles instead of one rectangle in the previous project. Double the fun! We learned to leave an opening so we could turn our bag inside out. I cannot tell you how many times we will need to use this technique, if we continue our sew journey. This is also a good way to add a lining to your project or make it reversible, such as a reversible baby blanket.

reversible baby blanket-beginner sew organisation rectangle summary

Naturally, our third project is about making a reversible bag and using even more rectangles. The long strap of the bag is basically a big cable tidy in the project two and make two bags like we did in the project one. We only need to know how to put all three items together. It was easy, wasn’t it? If you make two straps and sew the bag enclosed. We can use that to store extra loo rolls.

The following project went back to one rectangle. Thinking outside of the box, an open ended “drawing string bag” can be used as a bolster cover or a pretty storage solution for your unused bedding.

The final beginner sew organisation rectangle projects focused on a new sewing skill, zips. We all know that zipper bags are versatile. It can look impressive too. I won’t tell people how easy is to make one if you don’t. If you make a zipper bag that could fit snugly around a coffee mug, you just made yourself a mug cosy doubling up as a coin purse.

What will you make for your home using rectangles?

I will post some ideas to sew simple no pattern rectangle garments soon. Stay in tune and happy sewing!



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