afternoon tea in England

English afternoon tea or cream tea?

Have you had afternoon tea in the UK? Well, I have lived in this country for over ten years but I only had a proper afternoon tea for the first time last week. It is definitely an occasional indulgence. Since I became a mum, increasingly I have a strong desire to showcase different culture to my son, Zach. An afternoon tea in England is certainly a good start.

Zach and I often have cream tea at home. Cream tea is very popular in England too and you could find it almost everywhere, cafe in supermarkets, garden centres, train stations and etc. They are tasty and affordable.

The difference between a cream tea and an afternoon tea is that cream tea is considered as a snack, something small but cheerful, while an afternoon tea is almost a meal itself. In some part of UK, supper is often referred as “tea”.

In general, you will get a pot of tea, some scones, cream and jam with a cream tea. While an afternoon tea consists of finger sandwiches, numerous cakes and scones.

We made a little video to document our afternoon tea experience. Hope you like it.

What way do you apply cream and jam and why?

Thanks for reading and watching!



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