Iceland Look Book

Zach’s Icelandic Look Book

We just came back from our weekend away in Iceland. It has been fun and exhausting at the same time.

Prior to this trip, I planned a getaway wardrobe for Zach. Since we travel via Wow air which charges every single piece of luggage, as a “mean” mum, I decided to plan a flexible and minimalist wardrobe for Zach to reduce our luggage allowance.

The weather in Iceland is variable, even within a day. One minute, we had sunshine and the next minute, it was storm and windy. With that in mind, Every piece in this Look book is great for layering.

This is a little video …

Zach’s holiday wardrobe contains

  1. Boiled wool Jodhpur styled trousers- a modified sewing pattern from a Japanese Kids’ sewing book
  2. A pair of leggings – I drafted the pattern according to Zach’s pre-owned running leggings
  3. A muscle T (Vest)- self drafted pattern using Zach’s current vest
  4. A rolled collar pattern- self drafted pattern
  5. A fleece hoodie- a sewing pattern from Burda 6602. I cut a size six for Zach and then considerably reduced the length of the bodice and sleeve length. I am very happy with the final produce. It is an oversized hoodie.
  6. A fleece hat- a sewing pattern from a Japanese Kids’ sewing book
  7. Zach’s ski coat was purchased two years ago from Muddy Puddles, an online children’s cloth website.
  8. Zach’s waterproof boots are from Clarks.
  9. Zach’s Ski gloves are gifted by his great-grand Nana.

What is your holiday wardrobe?





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