Chinese Style Dumplings- 包子

We as a family are big fans of all kinds of Chinese dumplings, steamed or shallow fried; vegetarian or not. However, we often buy the frozen ones from supermarkets until the other day. Zach really wanted to know how to make some himself. Well, I am not an expert either but I think cooking is also about making fun memories. So here we go. The beauty of Chinese food is that you can really make it your own and Zach is definitely a master of  that skill. He made 12 dumplings and none of them are the same. In fact, … Continue reading Chinese Style Dumplings- 包子

Beginner sew organisation-rectangle projects review

Here we are, at the end of beginner sew organisation-rectangle projects. It has been so much fun to produce them and hope you have found them interesting. We started on a simple project learning to sew a simple drawstring bag. This project taught us how to sew a basic bag with a casing. It is such a useful technique and could also be used in making garments, such as those elasticated waist bands on comfortable pyjama trousers. Our second project is to sew cable tidies. This project used two rectangles instead of one rectangle in the previous project. Double the … Continue reading Beginner sew organisation-rectangle projects review